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searching for the words to convey...

tara jade
23 March 1985
Nathan said this better than I ever could...

girl. 21. heart for God. love for people. "tara fowler"? yeah, i know her. she's a friend, a "companion of the heart", a hero.

her mind runs beyond her years yet she forgives like a child. she's broken but not damaged. her life laughs. she walks as confidently in her healing as she does in her sickness. her passion will lead. she walks when others run, she looks up when the world looks down. she lives like each breath is her last, and loves like each friend is her air.

she embraces pain and grows through it. her fuel, her driving force, isn't the compliments of man, but the confidence of God. hosea 12:6 - "confident dependence"! her strength lies in her weakness.. allowing her Almighty Creator to overflow the void.

she hears voices - spiritual voices that whisper to her the secrets of the ages, voices that encourage her to never give up. and she hears The Voice that shares her own secrets, explains the deepest theology, and directs her heart's path. and she sees the invisible things - the future of a friend, the potential of a loved one, the resurrection of a lost soul. and yet she lives a simple life, allows God to open her doors, trusts her steps to He Who Knows Best.

she creates beauty - drawing it out of others like she coaxes images into her sketchbook. she chooses growth over peace, and peace over gold. she's as fascinating to others as the leaves of autumn are to her. she breaks more boxes than she fits in. and the spark of Eternity is in her eyes, the Weight of Glory lifts her face.

her future in this world is as dazzling as the sunrise; and her future in the next, too incredible to comprehend. her love for God flows through her life like molten lightening, carving a way through the darkest storms, lighting her path with a dangerous mix of hope and prayer.

and she loves her family tenaciously - whether they are close, distant, or waiting for her in the Eternal. she's a survivor, but she'd trade her life for theirs without hesitation if the situation asked for it...

but she cant really be defined. because she's not done yet. she's not "finished". she's a masterpiece half unveiled. her Creator is still creating. and each day she is created some more. each day she surprises another peer, each day another facet is carved into her spirit.

she will see the world. and she'll change it too. she'll do the impossible. she'll defy the laws of man, she won't play their games. her dreams will come true. her future is bright. you can see it in her eyes..
hope. life. love. vision.

- girl. 21. heart sold out for God. -

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