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Friends Only. [07 Jul 2021|08:40pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

friends only.
comment to be added.
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Newfound interest in Massachusetts [24 May 2008|07:47pm]
[ mood | headachy ]

if i told you that i was thinking of moving east
would you save a place for me?
i'll come home cause it's worse that i expected
a place in my heart for my home to the west
where we'll watch the same sunsets
when I doubt i'll look east
and lock my heart in a brass box
to newfound mass. i'm breaking off
but this is my home
i'd do anything for you
give you the world if i could
is that what you want me to do?
these bridges and boundaries are bringing me closer to you

I was listening to old Get Up Kids songs earlier today and this song is incredibly appropriate. I am moving "east" to Boston, Massachusetts, within the next 12 months - hopefully by January 2009, providing the visa is approved in time.

So scary and exciting, all at once...

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[09 Feb 2006|04:37pm]
If you're trying to find yourself then
Keep searching
This is not you
You always had to learn the hard way
And i always point my finger
But throwing judgement aside
I just want you to know that i care
I'm tired from staying up late rehearsing
The faces that i'll make when the bad news hits my ears
I don't want to hear that you've given up on everything
After all the times we said that we'd never change for anything
After all is said (you know this is not who you are)
No matter what you do (not where you belong)
And i'll always love you
This is not you

"The Numbing Agent" - Cool Hand Luke
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